Your Phone Checking Habit Can Help Bring Your Family Closer Together

The habit has become that whether you’re on the commuter train, having a coffee, at the doctors office, before opening the restaurant menu or even before you begin eating during your lunch break, the first order of business is to check your phone for Facebook, Twitter and Text Messages.

Mom on phone ignoring daughter

Once again a mother prioritizes her phone over her daughter.

What has happened to us that we are so completely addicted to our phones and any kind of status update? Are we truly engaged with people are simply addicted to “checking”? And once we start, no matter our age, background or occupation, we all seem to be doing it.

Even just sitting in Wegmans, right now, and looking straight ahead I’m seeing a mother on her phone completely ignoring her daughter. And this is by no means an isolated incident. What kind of message are we sending to our kids? What are we teaching them? What kind of behavior are we leading them to?

Now, what if there was a way to easily take advantage of the mobile technology and truly engage people or more importantly, our family? What if, in the time it takes to board a plane and turn off your device, you could connect with your family in a deep and meaningful way?

FamilyeJournal  helps bring families closer together.There is a way and it’s called In about 5 minutes you can answer four questions and read the answers your family members have given. Learn about what’s on their mind. Listen to their thoughts and concerns. Hear them and let them know you care.

We can’t deny the power of technology but we can find away to really make it work for us. By sharing just a little bit of how you really feel you’ll be building a deeper rapport and connection. Relationships are often considered the absolutely most important part of our lives but we have trouble cultivating them in our face-paced world. With, it’s easy and worthwhile for everyone who can read… and type.