I’m Sorry

24 hours after the Boston Marathon explosions people are expressing their thoughts and prayers through social media. How can you not?

Boston Marathon 2013 Explosion

One Boston Marathoner’s devastation after the explosion.

Lives have been changed forever, in a bad way, because someone or some group couldn’t simply look the other way.

Why, why, why do people feel the only way to voice their opinion is to inflict harm on others? Physical, Mental and Emotional harm that may never be reversed. Yes, we know that is your goal. How sad for you.


I’m sorry your life is so miserable that the only way to feel better about yourself is to hurt others. I’m sorry you cannot take responsibility for the way your life has turned out. I’m sorry you feel so much hate when really what’s probably missing in your life is love. I’m sorry you choose to be ignorant and never understand you have choices. I’m sorry you didn’t get help before deciding to hurt others.


Unfortunately, incidents like this may never stop. Whether at home or abroad, people feel compelled to express their beliefs by harming others. No gun law can stop shootings, no amount of security can protect public gatherings just like no pill can make you fit, fluent in a foreign language, proficient with a musical instrument or a genius.


We, as a society, need to address the root cause(s) or we’ll never make any true progress. And if it sounds too hard, well, look at the alternative…. carnage.


What are the root causes? Stay tuned…. I’ll get to them, eventually. Until then, PEACE.



2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. What a nice tribute and outlook — replace hate with love. I am so saddened by acts of hate, thank you for posting an important message of kindness and tolerance.

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