And so it begins… iMindstream


While I’m not a religious man, this picture represents Calmness of Thought.

How does one pick a blog name these days? It seems like most every title is taken but luckily I could adapt to a previously used term. iMindstream basically translates to “My Continuum of Awareness” which has roots in Buddhist Philosophy. This phrase really seems to capture the essence of what I hope this blog will be because I actually don’t want to think heavily about each post but just speak from my mind and type as the thoughts come to me “moment-to-moment”.

Anyone who knows me in the “real world” knows me to be rather opinionated but let it be known that any opinion I have can be changed with a solid argument. I like to think I have an open mind and I respond to facts and logic so I welcome any educated comment to this blog.

What I also like about the title of my new blog is that I’m able to take advantage of the “i” world. While I’m not an Apple groupie, and own no iPhone, iPad or anything of the like, I’m more than happy to take advantage of their “branding”. Hopefully there are no trademarks I’m infringing on. If I am, I apologize now and please don’t shut down my blog before it even gets started.


This logo simply takes me back to my early teenage years when we used to play with the first Apple Computers.

Changing gears once more, what will topics will I cover in my posts? Well, it really could be anything and isn’t that the beauty of blogging? Thoughts and ideas constantly pop into my head and iMindstream will be my medium for expressing them. Earlier today I was thinking I’d post on Phone Use in While Driving. I’m sure this topic has been well covered but perhaps it’s my turn now. I’m also a big fan of psychology and human behavior and I can see myself posting a lot on those subjects. My whole life I’ve been a “walking commercial” for any product I love so that opens many doors. And I certainly can’t forget to post about everything I’ve learned about the sport, and myself, through triathlon, backpacking and rock climbing.

In summary, welcome to my blog. I can’t wait to see where it takes me… and you.

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